We aim to achieve beauty.

Our mission at chocolate + cashmere is simple: we aim to achieve beauty. If we can achieve beauty, then we aim to celebrate and appreciate it. Beauty might be found in delicacy-- in the perfectly placed gold leaf decoration on our hand-rounded, hand- dipped, organic, buttery and delightful Goat Cheese bonbon. It may be in the seam of our women’s turtleneck-- the way it curves and contours the shoulder just so-- with intention, beauty, and function. We find beauty in the longevity and straight-forwardess of our belovedly reliable watchcap. When we carve “cashmere” into our wooden sign and then spend our days knitting with it, falling in love with the colors and the goathair itself, the question we proud of the work we do? Matters. These days, I would argue, this question, the plain curiosity, the challenge to achieve and celebrate beauty--matters.

That you are reading these words may indicate that you agree. Perhaps you have purchased something from one of our stores, followed your curiosity around the words chocolate + cashmere. Dear reader and customer, I encourage you to keep asking this question of us: Is it beautiful? Is it delicious? Does it incite joy and appreciation? I want you to know that there is more to the story here at chocolate + cashmere. Behind the alluring and literal words, we also realize how potential it all is: Just how good can it get? How enjoyable can that chocolate be? How lifelong is long enough to guarantee our Golightly Cashmere?

The Poncho

Speaking to your personal class, to your simplicity, choice of color, to your confidence, the Poncho is both sensible and beautiful. Golightly cashmere makes these for you (see shimi and sarah blog link) and alongside you, will continue to care for it for years to come. 27 colors.

This lookbook is a first for chocolate + cashmere. It is our foray into bringing the beauty of our stores and the result of our passions to your Inbox. We conceptualized the shoot by associating words like contemplative, cosmos, curious, connected. We wanted there to be light and feeling and we wanted to achieve beauty.

Stay Warm and Cool.

if you haven’t already, meet us at the beginning-- at our cashmere watchcap, where it all started. Back in 2004, these hand-loomed and hand-stitched hats were made here in Taos. As it does today, a small, black and white ad in the New Yorker magazine features this quality classic.This ideal and simply luxurious hat was the beginning of chocolate +cashmere-- one phone call at a time! It is available in 18 colors and at least 2 sizes (custom options are available). If you know someone who needs a great hat, man or woman, this is the one.

The Headband

When ventilation is essential but the ears need protection, the Headband is a must-have in your cadre of hats. Plus, these days it takes on a decidedly vintage throw-back feel. Keep it at your neck, you’ll scarcely notice it until you need to pull it up again. Hand-loomed in our knitting mill, available in all 6ply colors.

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The V-Neck Sweater

We styled this Golightly Women’s Vneck with Clemmie Watson Earrings and Maria Stanley Kellher pants. The idea here is versatility. Dress it sexy by accentuating the waist, by letting feathers dust your neck. Go understated, untucked and pockets in the right place. The pants, we feel, offer variety-- something we all need these days. The V-neck with its pinstripe accent gives some originality to this classic. And then there’s always Clemmie….

As we dig into this New Year and as we think about our choices, why not begin with some discerning questions. Let us return to celebratory moments too-- even if they are the act of eating a divine chocolate or experiencing the peace and quiet resulting from the soft upon soft on your head.


What a joy to properly present to you the Hip Skirt. What other garment do you own that protects your kidneys? Be sure, dear viewer, this skirt is designed to be worn against your skin at the waist and often under your sweater. It may be worn over your jeans, your leggings, or just like this, with legwarmers! This skirt is tried and true. Because it is knit horizontally, it may be stretched and hugged and it will not break. It contours and holds. Truthfully, it looks good on everyone.

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Go Classic.

When we paint “chocolate” onto our storefront, we also follow that by asking ourselves: how good can it be?

The Armwarmers
Must Have:

The womens turtleneck in Flannel. This wardrobe staple begins the ease at which we will face winter, Golightly style. “Going Classic” is one less decision to make. Herein, see the turtleneck paired with our gloves, with a color pop at the neck, with some pattern in our striped scarf. Take it outside, we know you’re walking.

The Cashmere Legwarmers

Spending time at home, with no one other than your loved one? Maybe that’s just you, maybe you are adept wearing “His” because what is more cozy than extra room, still warm from the inside? Truly, women love the men’s raglan crew. Therefore, if you are willing to share, this sweater does double duty. Lastly and never leastly, the cashmere legwarmers-- fabulous. A healthy creed: never miss a leg day.

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Keep it Simple.

This is not bad advice. All of us have too much stuff. We really do. But we also like things. In the case of choosing a simple scarf, we advise you to have a look-see at our paired down and intentional Neck collection. It is simple. You will find the basics in too many colors and you will also find things so essential you didnt understand what you were missing. Our aim is to provide something useful that also delights-- made by Yours Truly.

The Wrap

This generously sized panel of the finest cashmere deems winter (and life) more enjoyable. Choose from our endless line of colors; we promise to satisfy. The wrap is limited only by your imagination. Add drama. Keep it simple. We are proud of the newest dimensions which add an additional 100 grams of the good stuff. Check out our blog at Golightly Cashmere to learn more about recent improvements.

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The Infinity Rainbow Scarf

We were taunting you earlier when we said we offered “too many colors”. Herein, calling all cohorts to celebrate color. Collect them all! Wait, I thought you just said to keep it simple? Okay, now I’m confused. It’s complicated people. Or maybe it’s not. For those of you who walk those fine lines between too much, not quite enough, or can NOT decide, check out the Infinity Rainbow Scarf. It’s our solution for the undecided, for creative types, for the celebratory. Warning: we’ve been known to offer custom options to those of you with a leaning toward “I’ve got this great idea.” Give us a call: 575-776-8287.

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The Golightly Gaiter

It’s true 2020 truly brought the golightly gaiter into view unlike any other year. It functions, yall. Still, for many years we have kept this original in our neck collection because it serves so many purposes. At nearly 24” long, it can live under your hat and atop your head. It blocks wind. It is a face mask. It is beguiling. The funnel of 2ply cashmere can be used in a myriad of creative ways. 27 colors. Guaranteed by the knitters at chocolate + cashmere headquarters.

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The Cashmere Mask

Let’s “face” it, it’s 2021 and we need these every day.. Why not then, give your face the softest thing possible? We are huge fans of this reversible 100% cashmere face mask. It is hypo-allergenic, machine-washable, breathable, adjustable, and oh so very soft. Available in 6 color options.

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